The strengths of open mesh (21-11-17)

For a long time I have trying to sell open mesh then I discovered why you should buy and should not buy open mesh devices.


  1. Cloud management and life time cloud management license. You do not have to purchase or continue to purchase license for the devices as they are included in the purchase price. Basically it’s those nice traffic graphs and stuff.
  2. Vouchering system. It includes a vouchering system where you can either print out to give users or users can purchase via paypal. So basically you don’t need to give your wifi password only an expire able, maximum devices connected and speed upload and download limitable code.
  3. Guest network. It has option to stop users from accessing your local network. It seperates your internal network and guest network. For security and stuff
  4. Meshing system. You can wireless connect from it’s own wifi device to another of it’s own wifi device if it is within range
  5. You have 4 SSIDs to play with. You can setup 4 different settings to use.
  6. Somewhat programmable. It has api which you can use. Also scripts and stuff. We have used it to develop our adportal.
  7. They have enclosures for some models. Which enable you to arrange it with the wall socket. Ceiling. Even put it outdoors.
  8. POE (power over ethernet). They let you use a network cable to power the device. Makes it easier than needing power and a network cable.
  9. Open to self branding. Some pages you will be able to brand with your own logos.

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