The nutcracker and the four realms (08-11-18)

Another somewhat remake of a classic from Disney. Pretty much you can guess the ending. And the bar will be set exceptionally high for this movie. What you see in the movie is probably the dresses, the performance, the scenery, the music. It boasts of some expense and high profile actors in the movie. But what I think people are looking for the fairy tale in the movie which is just normal but which many of the reviews would find it lacking as it is a remake of a classic. Overall its normal show, its not bad but because it’s a remake of a classic everyone is looking for the wow factor perhaps that’s why rating of this movie is pretty low.

The story starts with a smart girl playing a trap to catch a rat. Then on Christmas eve the children were given presents from their dead mother. The girl then receives a locked egg as her mum’s gift. Which says it has everything she needs inside it. Then on Christmas night the girl, her brother and sister and father attend this christmas party in which she gets into a quarrel with her dad over how he is unfeeling about mum’s death. But her dad says even if it is hard they have to put up a show. Then while the sisters are preparing for the christmas party they found the maker of the egg which was her godfather. At the party the girl went to look for the godfather and ask about the egg. Then when the girl had to get back to the party. The godfather said its hard but its what her mother wants for the girl. And then it was time for everyone to open the presents. There was many ropes with names leading to their present. The girl found her present leading to a dark corridor which lead to a snowy field which the rope was tied to a christmas tree and the key was there…