The fuss over little india’s riot

I think the authorities here are making a big fuss over a small incident. I find that it makes no sense so many other people have to suffer for so much days to come even though they are un involved. What do i mean? I mean the authorities made use of the little india’s riot to increase the alcohol tax, even the smoking tax which they find at every junction to increase. I think with or without the little india’s riot they will find ways and means to increase the smoking tax. I don’t really smoke but i feel the pain for the smokers. Then also comes the after 1030pm ban of sale of alcohol which I find it’s pretty unreasonable. After 1030pm people can’t even buy alcohol back to drink. Ban of drinking in public areas? I think the little india’s situation has little impact to most of the people. But putting in such rulings has an effect on a lot more people than what little india’s riot has done. I find that there are many factors that caused the little india’s accident. Alcohol has an effect on the little india’s riot but that was not just the only cause. What about the amount of people at little india. I find that a huge driving factor as well. The way the road was cross. A lot of pedestrians have no regard for the drivers on the road. Crowding and walking the road like they owned it was like an accident waiting to happened. So my conclusion on this is that, the people involved in the riot are caught they are sent back let that be a warning to those who consider doing such acts in the future. But the new laws implemented seems to be punishing those un involved and should not be implemented

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