The difference between android and phone/iOS wordpress mobile app / removing site for wordpress android and iPhone /iOS (12-11-18)

Been trying to add more authors to my wordpress. I am using wordpress app for iphone/iOS while some have android phones so they are using the android version of the wordpress app. Somehow quite a few apps seems to be more advanced in the iphone/iOS version of their apps compared to the android version of their apps.



No such choosing is available in the wordpress app for android. Android only shows the post that is post by the author if you want see the public post go to the website on your browser to see it.

Removing sites for iPhone / iOS

When you are in that site. Just swipe down to the end of the app you can see remove site.

Iphone/iOS removing site

Go to switch site. Hold ur finger over switch site then it will ask u if u want to remove site.