Testing out new wordpress plugin batch-move posts wp plugin

I have been trying to organise some stuff on my wordpress page as of late. So I have changed my product review pages to end with reviews and the permalink as well so when I look at them in the wordpress menu they are neater. Then after that I found there are a lot of posts in the uncategorized category. So I tried using the Post>All Post> Select all and edit, but what I found out was that it seems that I can add categories to posts but I cannot remove the category that is already there. So I went online and did a simple search and I found batch-move posts wp plugin.



I tested it and it seems fine. I didn’t note how many post I had at the start before conversion and how many I had after but it seems that a bulk of my posts didn’t go missing I suppose.

While again here I will stress again, no guarantees, I am not liable for any damages that might occur.

batch move wordpress plugin 1

Arrows show the important points to take note. Show more posts you input like 999 posts. I don’t have so much post so I didn’t try above that.


batch move wordpress plugin 2

Then you select the posts you want and the action you want to do. If you want to add additional category to the post, you select the category and add. If you want to remove category from the posts you can use delete and click send.

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