tensei shitara slime datta ken anime review (13-01-19)

It translated into that time I reincarnated as a slime. It starts off with a senior meeting his junior and his girlfriend and saving them from a robber and what seemingly he got stabbed and died or so it seems.

When he thought he would have died and transcended into heaven or hell. He slowly started to notice his body wasn’t the same human form he was used to.

He then started to learn about his abilities which a very helpful ‘ai like assistant’ like that of iron man javis which helped him recognise the skills and abilities he had and also materials he came across.

Upon exploring the cave he was in he went and collected all the materials in the cave, met up and killed monsters and got new skills then in the end he met up and made friends with a dragon which was in prisoned by a hero when he went rampage in a town a long time ago.

After that he absorbed the dragon into him to analyse the imprisonment skill. And went out of the cave to find goblins referring to him as the great one and because the dragon which was guarding the area is gone.

He ended up healing and fighting off the wolves and naming them thus putting them under his rule. Then he thinks how to improve their lives and that was how it all started

fantasy. Adventure. Magic. Strong main character. Whats there not to like.


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