Some issues with the website

Previously i was using some migration plugin that migrates the site from drupal to wordpress (CMS2CMS Drupal to WordPress migration). It was a demo plugin which you have to pay to do a full migration. They even sent an email to ask me if I wanted to continue with full migration. What was annoying was that they replaced links with their link of migration restriction. As I didn’t really have so many pages to migrate over. I decided that should just copy them over manually. I went back to my drupal and went into each page and copied the pages to wordpress. I used google docs to write down which was transfer over to keep track. After transferring over. I noticed that images are not loading properly across some browsers namely one of them known as safari but as I am lazy I am still procrastinating on fixing it. Now I am uploading them to somewhere in my web directory and link them using the add media, insert from url. Hopefully this will fix future issues.

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