Singapore budget 2018 (05-03-18)

I do think singapore budget is rubbish. But I also do not like the other parties here as well. For me hopefully for deregulation of businesses and lower tax but that would be hard. So I would settle for there will be no changes in the budget for this year and every year. This will probably be the best budget we would have.

Increase in gst.

Every year we have a budget surplus and then we want to announce an increase in gst. We say because of the increase in social spending on the eldery. For me I think that is why cpf is for. Elder shield is for. There will always be poor and needy. Some of them not by choice. But I think that is where charity organisation is there for. But there are also those who have made wrong choices which they perhaps just have to pay for it.

Carbon tax

We have not yet been able to prove that man made CO2 emissions has caused a great deal of harm to the environment and if we do not stop it next generations are going to suffer from it.

Also policies towards green energy has not come to fruition. Solyndra being one of them.

We face the problem of millions dying now vs something we are not sure of. Which is more important.