Road safety, Inconsiderate drivers and Ignorant pedestrians

I believe that road safety everyone has a part. From the way roads and zebra crossing are designed to the drivers and pedestrians.

Roads and designs

  • Zebra crossing that are near the exit of highways are unsafe. The good thing seems to be that the users of those zebra crossing seem to take special consideration to look for fast cars coming in from the express way into the zebra crossing.
  • Blockages near the zebra crossing.  Blockages like trees, bushes, etc block the view of the incoming driver


  • Keep a safe distance from the car in front of u. (I find this common sense and very logical. Following too close and not keeping a safe distance causes more accidents, you are not going to save a lot of time following too close to the next car, more than not you will find an accident)
  • Cars stuck at the side of trying to move into your lane. They are already stuck there. Let them move in so that other cars at his lane can move along. An accident helps no one.

Motor cyclist

  • Then motor cyclist that seems to dash and ignore if the cars can see them or not. It’s just dangerous take note that cars have their blind spots and they might very likely crash into you.


  • Take extra careful to take note of blind spots of vehicles. In parking lots take note if the vehicle is moving off and if it is take note if the driver is aware of your presence. Don’t dash across the road when you just came out of a blind spot like in between 2 vehicles.
  • Take extra careful when you are aware that vehicles coming to you are possibility coming at a high speed. For example, zebra crossings near the exit of highways.
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