Remote desktop

I have been using remote desktop software for quite sometime already. I remembered the times of xp unlimited to now it is called aads worldwide or thin stuff which I think I never bought before. The times that logmein was giving out all freebies and didn’t have the pricing structure like now where they charge like for everything. Then i switched to teamviewer and sometimes wished they had offered resellership. But for teamviewer they constantly come up with upgrades and upgrades you have to pay for them if your subscription is like 1 year ago. You can’t connect in using the old version of teamviewer to the new version. For me I am still using teamviewer 8, it can even remote to your Android phone I suppose even the IOS. I don’t really know what the new versions are for and for me the features aren’t something I can’t life without but I suppose Teamviewer’s team have the right to make more money.

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