recently got a new iphone 6 and lifeproof waterproof housing with battery (20-06-15)

recently my samsung note 3 has been giving me problems with my gprs. it took way too long to fix on a location. navigation always stays at the same point even if the car is moving. it even jumps to a different location every now and then. thanks to that i was constantly getting lost. so i decided to get a new iphone 6 while bringing my samsung note 3 for checking. made a mistake by buying a screen protector. in the end have remove it because it didnt sit well with the waterproof housing. i bought the lifeproof housing. the one with the battery pack. at the start was thinking of just getting the normal one which was like a hundred dollars cheaper and also i am not sure if the case was too heavy. in the end i took a bet and bought the one with the battery pack. the lifeproof battery pack case wasnt as heavy as expected. you can charge the phone because of the battery pack. it changed the iphone lighting port to a micro usb port which made charging easier for me. it says it support finger print too. a little drawback is the waterproof housing is not so responsive. (26-06-15) found scratches on my lifeproof casing was heart broken. (27-06-15 update) just got a screen protector on my lifeproof case. Had to custom it. There wasnt a screen protector that fits it size so had something that can protect the screen portion of the lifeproof casing. Its already scratched but its better than nothing. A simple 5 dollar case would save u anugish from replacing a 250 dollar casing. In fact after installing the screen protector the phone seems to be more responsive then before. previously you would have the feeling that there is some bubble between the case and the iphone

(04-02-16 update)

The plastic touch id of my lifeproof iphone case broke and I changed into a normal battery case. Just got to a phone shop to install the lifeproof case and also the screen protector on the case to prevent scratches. The screen turned to less sensitive again. The touch id will probably break in time to come but then warranty will be over then I probably treat it as a shock proof case with a battery pack. The insenstivity of the screen still needs getting used to. Have to tap hard and wait for the response more than previous.

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