Readynas file permissions problem (02-06-15)

One of my readynas died recently, it has been around for 8 years or more so I guess the ROI is long there. I waited for the power supply which I got from overseas to arrive and replacing it before confirming it died. I needed an old readynas so I can get the files back so now I am transferring files out of it now. But I faced the problem of files permissions. It was stopping me and saying I do not have file permissions to do so. So I went into the readynas. Shares>Share listing, click on the CIFS that is next to the share. Click on advanced options that is one of the tabs on top. Click on Set ownership and permission for existing files and folders in this share to the above settings. This option is useful in cases where you are changing security levels and need to workaround file access problems.

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