Putting adsense on wordpress to earn ad revenue (11-11-18)

Finally after a few days i managed to put advertisements on my wordpress to try to get some revenue.

Went through quite a few resources and they were all so difficult to understand. Sometimes I wish if it was done in a way that is easy for people to implement it.

Luckily I found an easy way to implement putting adsense to generate ad revenue on your wordpress site.

1. Create an adsense account, you will also need to get the account verified which may take like a day

2. Create Ad units in your google adsense. (I use text & display ads because it says its simple)

3. Download Advanced Ads wordpress plugin (you can use the free version, unless you need something in the premium feature list)

4. Use advanced ads plugin to link with your google adsense account

5. Create an ad on Advanced Ads. You will need to have already created ad units if not you can’t get any ads from google adsense

6. Create placements on Advanced Ads. Here you create where the ads will be displayed on in your page/pages. Select the ad you have created with in the dropdownbox after creating the placements


7. Advanced Ads>Setting. Check disable warnings about potential violations. At first my ads wasn’t able to show but after checking this my ads was able to display on my site.