Pump to deep clean your kangen water machine (05-04-18)

Turn off the power. Plug out the power.

Change to the cleaning filter

Connect the water flowing into pump

Put the water into the pail, put water mix it with the cleaning salt. Mix it well.

Connect the pump to the in of the machine (the tube connected to the tap)

Put the pump into the cleaning solution. Point the kangen water out and waste water out into the pail.

On the power. The pump will push cleaning solution water into the machine and come out from the kangen water out and waste water put back into the pail and the process will repeat itself

After finish you can throw away the cleaning solution and then use clean water to repeat the process to get rid of any little cleaning solution left in the machine.

After cleaning you can put back the filter. Plug back the in to the tap. Plug the power back on and enjoy ur cleaned kangen water machine. After cleaning there seems to be more bubbles then before cleaning so it is recommended to clean every now and then to improve the performance of the machine. Even if you don’t see any impurities coming out of the machine