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ExtremeCap 910

The VGA/HDMI HD Recorder Complete with Voice Memo
Full HD 1080p

Introduce ExtremeCap 910 into speeches, meetings or corporate training and transform any content afterward into videos-on-demand. Without complicated PC software installation, ExtremeCap 910 provides users with an efficient way to record content. A friendly set-up process and its portability enable users to quickly start recording for any situation. With one click of the button, users can easily start and stop the recording. Moreover, this recording box can record HD content of up to 1080p from a wide range of media sources. To streamline the recording process and better capture voice content, a built-in microphone is included in the ExtremeCap 910.

ExtremeCap 910

A friendly Use in 3 Steps

ExtremeCap 910

ExtremeCap 910 Quick Set-Up Prior to Use

A user-friendly set-up process enables users to quickly connect this capture box with devices. Without complicated PC software installation, ExtremeCap 910 provides users an efficient way to record the content.

ExtremeCap 910 One Click Starts Recording

With one click of the button, users can start or stop recording within a second. From there, users can carry this portable device around for any scenario use.

ExtremeCap 910 Greater background noise reduction

ExtremeCap 910 records only the speaker’s voice and automatically cleans out extraneous background noise, even when placed in close proximity to noise-inducing objects like projectors.

ExtremeCap 910 Record without a microphone

Enjoy prime recording quality with ExtremeCap 910. With its ability to take in voices from a range of distances without the aid of microphones, ExtremeCap 910 is a recommended tool for recording.

Buttons & Indicators

ExtremeCap 910

* Please find  the detail LED indications in the quick guide
LED Indication

Record Audio Record Audio & Video Sound Test
 ExtremeCap 910  ExtremeCap 910  ExtremeCap 910

ExtremeCap 910


LED Indication Action
ExtremeCap 910 Insert an SD card or free up more space
ExtremeCap 910 Check the cable connection, adjust the source resolution, or wake up the source device.


Utility for adjusting settings by your usage scenarios
Quality setting

Best Quality – 13m/GB,
10Mbps(6.9H /32G)
Standard Quality – 22m/GB,
6Mbps(11.7H /32G)
ExtremeCap 910 ExtremeCap 910
Low Quality – 68m/GB,
2Mbps(36.2H /32G)
ExtremeCap 910

Space setting

Large Space – 40 people, 100m2 Medium Space – 15 people, 36m2
ExtremeCap 910 ExtremeCap 910
Small Space – 5 people, 4m2
ExtremeCap 910

Steps to use Dashboard
Step 1. Install the utility on your PC ( available on AVerMedia website)
Step 2. Connect ExtremeCap 910 with your PC
Step 3. Turn on the power of ExtremeCap 910
Step 4. Activate the utility to start setting

*Please click here to download “Dashboard”

Interface USB 2.0 (mini USB) Chroma Subsampling Input & Pass-through:
YUV: 4:4:4
YUV: 4:2:0
Video Input Digital: HDMI
Analog: D-Sub
Storage SD card: SDHC Class 10 (FAT32)
Audio Input Digital: HDMI
Analog: 3.5mm Audio
Recording Format TS
Video Output Digital: HDMI
Analog: D-Sub
Media Players
VLC Media Player
Audio Output Digital: HDMI
Analog: 3.5mm Audio
TS Converter AVerMedia TS-to-MP4 Utility
Microphone Omnidirectional Microphone Operation Temperature 0 C ~ 50 C
Input & Pass-thru:
1920×1080, 60fps
1920×1080, 30fps
Audio Record Input:
HDMI: PCM Stereo
3.5mm Audio: Stereo
AAC Stereo
Dimensions (mm) 125.4 (d) x 34.6 (h) x 125 (w) Weight (g) 170

*Please click here to download “AVerMedia TS-to-MP4 Utility”

  • ExtremeCap 910 (170g)
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • HDMI Cable
  • D – Sub Cable
  • Mini USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Power Adapter
* The accessories may vary slightly depending upon the country of purchase.


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