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Your Question: Would like to consolidate already consolidated packages
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02:53Randa W: Hi, this is Randa, how can I help?
02:53biscuit: I consolidated the packages already but I want to consolidate the already consolidated packages
02:54Randa W: Give me one moment
02:55Randa W: You have two consolidations that have been completed
02:55Randa W: You would like for them to be combined, is this correct?
02:55biscuit: Yes. would I incur charges for doing so?
02:56Randa W: Yes, a $7.00 fee
02:56biscuit: I would like to ask if u consolidate the packages do they start counting the 60 days grace in warehouse again?
02:57Randa W: The 60 days are for each individual order included
02:57Randa W: Not when the consolidation is completed
02:58biscuit: how would i know how much charges are incurring on the packages after 60 days
02:59Randa W: It is $1.00 per package per day after the 60 day mark has expired
02:59Randa W: From the orignal delivery date
03:00biscuit: yea where can i find how much has incurred since the date
03:01Randa W: Each order in your account has a delivery date included
3:01Randa W: For order ID’s xxxxx and xxxxx, they were both received on 12/21
03:01Randa W: There will be storage on those packages
03:02Randa W: Also, all packages received in your other consolidation will accrue storage fees as well
03:02Randa W: There are 5 packages included in that consolidation
03:03Randa W: In order to proceed with consolidating all orders, I will need to cancel the two consolidations within your account and you will need to submit a new consolidation request including all orders
03:03Randa W: Do you want to proceed
03:06biscuit: So i have to manually count them I suppose?
03:06biscuit: Ok proceed
03:06Randa W: OK, give me one moment
03:08Randa W: If you would like to see how much your storage costs may be, you can log onto your account and proceed with the reshipment of those orders without submitting payment, the storage fees will all be listed for each
03:09Randa W: I have now cancelled the 2 consolidations within your account
03:09Randa W: You may proceed in submitting a new consolidation request
03:10Randa W: Your looking at around $16.00 for each order that was received on 12/21 and $18.00 each for the orders received on 12/18
03:11biscuit: Now there are many packages?
03:12Randa W: Your consolidated ID xxxx contained 5 and the other consolidated ID contained 2 orders
03:12biscuit: Do i need invoice removal again?
03:13Randa W: If you have already selected this option in the item description, it has already been completed in the original consolidation requests
03:15biscuit: the total charge is shown below does it include the invoice removal?
03:16biscuit: it’s showing me 9 dollars for consolidation
03:16Randa W: Yes, $7.00 for 5 packages then $1.00 for each additional package
03:17biscuit: I selected invoice removal will it reflect in the consolidation 9 dollars or is it billed separately
03:18Randa W: It is separate
03:18Randa W: It is included in your total cost
03:18Randa W: $3.00 per package
03:19biscuit: I selected it before so do I select it again?
03:19biscuit: when doing consolidation of the package
03:19Randa W: It should already be selected, you do not have to change anything you have already entered
03:19Randa W: Just click the ‘save and continue” button
03:22biscuit: Ok done. So when you ship the package it is going to be shown as one lump sum instead of the shipping cost, storage cost, consolidation cost, etc
03:23Randa W: All fees will be included in the total cost, there will be a breakdown of each fee in your account
03:24biscuit: where in my account can i see this
03:25Randa W: You won’t be able to see this until the consolidation is completed
You will be able to see the info of what is spent. Frankly it is not cheap. Shipping from US is expensive. I tried to ship a cable before 3usd with a 20 usd shipping cost. Not to mention when you ship across x figure and you pay gst then you get slapped with some sort of dollar advance payment fee for gst from your shipping agent like dhl and fedex. (If I didn’t remember wrongly it’s 20 dollars). Look at the figures too. There is a 5 dollar handling fee per package. Then there is also the consolidation fee.