MySQLBackupAndFTP review

Affiliation Program with MySQLBackupAndFTP

Basically I am using the free version of mysqlbackupFTP. I googled and they have an affiliate program and since I am already using it I decided to be an affiliate to earn a little commission if you decide to buy from me through the posting of experiences I have with this software. I was running the software for sometime now. Basically for the limitations for the free versions are max 2 database and you have to set your own mail server to see email confirmations of completed jobs. For the full list of features between versions go here MySQLBackupAndFTP version features list

So I was thinking it was working on along but recently I found out that it wasn’t sending job completed or failure to my email. So after scheduling your jobs remember to save the job. When saving the job it will ask you for your password to run the scheduled task. If you didn’t save the job it will not show up in the jobs.

mysqlbackupftpsavejob1 mysqlbackupftpsavejob2


Have been recieving failures of the job in my email and what was wondering why. When I went into the email the local drive backup was working fine but the backup that was going into my NAS wasn’t completing as it said that it couldn’t find a part of the path specified.  I again went into the MySQLAndBackupFTP browsed into the folder and did a test on the folder dialog. After the test completed successfully. I did a manual run of the backup job which also completed successfully.

(29-02-16 update)

Even though manual run completed successfully when it is running on schedule it is still failing.