Previous Projects

Storage Implementations, NAS repairs and implementation


NAS with IPCam

We successfully changed a dvr that has issues with power failure(when the power goes off and returns, it doesn’t auto boot back to recording) with an NAS that supports the IP cam recording.

NAS Readynas NV+ power supply

We successfully changed the power supply of readynas nv+

NAS N4100pro fan

We successfully changed the n4100pro fan because it was reporting fan failure

Setting Up of Readynas for Teo Soon Seng Office Storage

We successfully implemented Readynas into Teo Soon Seng as storage.

Other Implementations

Implemented email rules and signature

Customers asked us how to sort email and we add email rules to move certain emails to certain folders and taught the users how to use email rules and how to add signature to their email.

Conferencing system for teo soon seng

We successfully managed to build a screen and surround recording system for the meeting room.

Remote desktop and remote phone support(not all phone models supported)

We sucessfully implemented remote desktop and remote phone support software over the organization

Wireless bridge

Sucessfully implemented wifi bridging.

wifi mesh implementation

Successfully implemented wifi open mesh technology at yishun

Setting up ESXI for testing environment

Sucessfully implemented ESXI for development environment

intergration of fax from windows to accounting software.

we successfully integrated faxing by windows with two software vendors. b2acct and Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the help of the respective accounting software vendors.

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