Open Mesh OM5P (02-06-17)

The OM5P is a discontinued model of open mesh. While quite a few of the models are actually refreshed with a like newer version like AN with AC because I suppose faster specs. I will explain why OM5P was actually discontinued. The open mesh OM5p model is one that only has 5ghz. This is actually a huge drawback. After I checked it also doesn’t mesh with the AN or the AC models which is the dual band model which means that it only mesh with itself which is the OM5p model. In an age where there are still plenty of 2.4ghz around and if devices have 5 they usually have 2.4ghz a single 5ghz band only model is suicide. Therefore there was a sale to get rid of the OM5p which they sold at their cheapest price ever of any Open mesh unit. Yes it was even cheaper than the OM2P-LC.

I have also attempted to try wifi converter repeater but the wifi repeaters actually only work from 2.4ghz to 5ghz rarely the way around. There are some expensive 2.4ghz to 5ghz that do work but they are a dime a dozen and not worth to buy just for the cause. The only sensible cause I can find to make use of the OM5P is to mix it with either OM2p or OM2p-HS.