My thoughts about tokyo japan

Before you go. Because i regreted a little not doing so. Apparently changing in singapore is better than changing currency in japan. Also get the unlimited wifi at the airport way cheaper than getting a prepaid sim here. But if forgot you still have got data roaming use free wifi when you can but if you are separated from your friends you can on or if you are looking where to go.

Recently went to tokyo japan to do some exploration. We stayed in an airbnb. I find the toilet a little small. Also for a lot of places we the toilets were quite little. Walking around I also cannot find the equal of a hawker centre in singapore maybe they are all hidden or something. There are many resturants around and some foods you can get cheaper than the equalivant in singapore. Also there are almost no dustbins around. So you can only carry them around and throw them when you reach a mini mart like lawson or train station or something. The railways are more expensive, taxis are more expensive. I haven’t rode bus but I also heard that buses are more expensive as well. Also railways are complicated plus they think it is wise not to provide a legend of the lines

As you can see if you don’t know which line the colour means you have to go to information counter to ask or maybe take a look on the internet.

There are lockers all over the place but they are also more expensive then singapore. Even though they are little lockers in singapore.

The place is big and I had to walk around alot. What I find is that they have varity but lesser concentration of products types. In singapore you less varity more concentration of product types. Basically you can find anything you usually need in your neighbourhood in singapore then in japan but if you are into fashion you will find more variety. Also at singapore’s uniqlo we found anime t shirts but not in shibuya uniqlo.

Their daiso is cheaper than singapore. Items at their daiso go from 100 yen. Managed to get my micro usb, iphone and usb c from daiso. Miniso has nicer cables at 300 yen for usb c with cable tie.

I went to tokyo disney sea. I thought the tickets was also quite expensive.

There were little cars

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