My solution to poverty (19-11-18)

I think the solution to poverty is to increase the amount of competitive fields playable which hopefully increase interest people into the additional competitive fields which in turn increase economical activity.

Increasing the amount of competitive fields is to find new markets to tap into.

One of the frontiers is now providing content for people. The internet has been able to deliver your content to billions of people around the world where it has not been able to. Be it taking photos, creating podcast, reviewing items and products or generating categories or list that people will follow you.

Also the emergence of getting your viewers to watch an advertisement means your customers do not need to pay dollars and cents to be your customers.

People are usually fascinated by new stuff and new content. Things they like or maybe which they find useful or help them attain enlightenment. Even if your content you create resonate with a little percent around the world. The world is still a big place.

Increasing economical activity. I have heard many times when trump just says the economy is good. Then people went out and expand their business and the economy went up even though the basics are not there (eg. the increasing trade deficit). Hopefully the economic is good when these new markets are created. When people are worried about bread and butter they work to thread by life instead of exploring new options.