mlm/multi level marketing does it work? and why(03-10-15)

MLM/multi level marketing. I think now sometimes I too hear direct sales associated with it. Does it work and why? I hear many rumours and bad things about mlm and they seem like scams. MLM as a business is possible but like all businesses they have plenty chances of failure. You should study like all businesses the strengths and weakness and evaluate is it suitable for you before making a leap. 

Business viability MLM

MLM as a business is viable. Many fail like all businesses. Plenty of people come out to do business fail and go back to working for others. MLM is no exception. Most mlm deal with luxury goods which give then margin to divide among your uplines aka those who introduce u into the business. If you look at many of the mlm schemes they branch off at a point maybe like 5 levels or so. So they don’t usually have a divide the profit forever scheme. So why do you want to divide your profit with those who introduce u into the business? How does it benefit u? You have help from the company and your uplines. 

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