Love in the moonlight (korean drama) (netflix) (13-11-18)

Its about this love story which starts by. A girl who pretends to be a boy who is a genius at match making for other people. She works to make some money in order to buy medicine for her sick dad.

He sets up a way for a guy to make the princess fall in love with him. In the end the princess brother prince doesn’t want her sister to get tricked and instead comes. The guy is afraid to meet the princess and calls the match maker to go instead. And so “he” gets into trouble with the prince and tricks him.

“He” match makes for a servant and the master’s daughter-in-law and a notice is put out for him. “He” gets up being forced into a contract that is going to get him castrated into a eunuch to be sold into the palace. Because “He” is a girl and the castrator is too drunk she manages to fake him thinking that he managed to castrate her the previous night.

So after that he goes into the palace. Which they are doing the checking. This is where he meets the prince again and the prince lets him pass because he wants to torture “he” in the palace……..