liquid air dust blower (03-07-15)

Long ago my colleague has always bugged me to buy some of those liquid dust blowers to blow off dust off the PCs, monitors and well tons of stuff. Our office was those that was partitioned with the warehouse with false ceilings making it very prone to dust. If you didn’t wipe your table for a few days you would see a layer of dust on it. Out of curiosity, we bought a few bottles to try out. It was pretty fun and we had fun spraying out the dust and the bottle was cold after spraying. My other friend was playful saying you can spray at yourself and treat it as air con. Well i don’t think its safe to do that so don’t try it. We also noticed like water droplets forming on the place we were spraying and it instantly disappeared. Now i went to buy a few more bottles. Previously i bought at sim lim the dust blower and now i just go to challenger to buy valore brand which says it has 20% more and is cheaper for a challenger member.

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