La Maja Rica Hotel (22-02-19)

Pretty nice, didn’t manage to make photos when I am first here so the sheets are messy.

You can order food from the restaurant.

Power sockets at each side of the bed.

Two tables if you need it. Also two complimentary bottled water

The left is the hot water the middle is for the shower while the right is cold water. The thing is even if you turn the middle knob to full the bottom will still leak water.

Room is pretty dark because of the curtains even in the morning you can get better rest even in the morning

There is breakfast. For 2. Buffet style. Selection is quite limited. Soranghon caldo. Pancake. Bread / toast. Garlic rice. Crispy danggit. Meat loaf? Plain longganisa. Tomato w/ g. Mango. Orange/fruit? Scrambled egg. Sunny side egg. Brewed coffee. Mineral water. Mango juice? Orange juice.