Kangen water (16-06-17)

Recently I was introduced to kangen water by a friend. So basically he is selling the filter which can produce kangen water. There are multiple water filters you can purchase they range from 1000+ to 10000+. Different filters with different amounts of plates produce different oxidation of water that’s what I heard but basically they work pretty much the same. Ph 2.5 is like anti-baterical water. So if there are inflamation of wounds you will use ph 2.5. You can use ph 2.5 for mouth wash. It is also possible to use ph 2.5 for hair wash. When I used it I felt it smell like chroline but I could be wrong. Also I was asking what if the throat was inflamed. What I was told was you can probably still spray in your mouth.  Ph 9 is so called beauty water. Can be used as a toner, moisturizer. So when you use ph 2.5 to kill germs and your skin gets a little dry you can use the ph 9 to moisturize later. 

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