Just purchased a new 3 tb portable hdd today and also a hdmi splitter (03-02-16)

Bought a 3 tb portable hdd today to do recovery since ufs can only recover to attached storage meaning you can’t recover to NAS so I have to do an extra step to recovery to my local drive first and I am using an AIO(all in one PC) and the spare hdd space I have is below 1 tb so recovery is a pretty big pain. Now I can just drag more to like 2tb instead of like 900gb and let the computer take it’s own sweet time to recover instead of like 500gb then I have to copy again. Then I also did a purchase of ATEN hdmi splitter when I got home I found I no longer need it. Because my hdcp stripper is also a hdmi splitter. Well at least that is one task down. Instead of leaving all the stuff I tested then I just leave it lying around. The recorder that I down scales my frames per sec because it doesn’t support it so I decided to go with the hdmi splitter route. Now I am just plugging in the recorder to the hdmi port 2 of the tv and the direct one to hdmi 1 port of the tv. Have some problems when you switch from hdmi port 1 to port 2 probably because when it is through the recorder it seems to drop to 1080i and while just directly through the amp it is 1080p.

(03-02-16 9:37pm update) I decide to test out just using my hdcp stripper as a hdcp stripper and link my hdcp stripper to my aten hdmi. It works better now previously the amp doesn’t seem to re detect the signal the switching the signal. Sometimes it still show a weird image on the screen but I think this is a better route.

(10-02-16 update) found that using the aten hdmi splitter is giving me some problems. Like the capture hd 2 was telling me that it doesn’t accept source that has more than 2 channels. My hdcp stripper/splitter also has some problems with displaying the output so it was like blue screen then image comes on for a while then blue screen again that sort of problem. When I switched off my hdcp stripper and on again it works for a little while then the same problem comes back. So I took the aten hdmi out of the equation and then put it direct to the hdcp stripper and use hdmi 2 the route that devices>amp>hdcp stripper>hd capture 2>tv hdmi 2. I suppose you suffer the down fps but I guess it’s a trade off when you are recording if not you can switch to use hdmi 1.

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