Hotel 168 / motel 168 @ Birch Tower Malate Manila Philippines (29-05-19)

They have soap and shampoo and also toothbrush and toothpaste.Have a spray for the toiletMany universal 3 pin sockets so even if you don’t have an adapter no problemPretty clean. Cool air con. Also quite big. Feels the layout a little strange though.Wifi is so so not too good. Sometimes it seems to break as well.The middle compartment is supposed to be a kitchen I think but they just put a fridge and a table there. On top of the fridge there is a heater. There are two 3 pin power plugs just beside the table there just in case u are going to charge something. I thought it would make more sense to put a chair there. At least you can eat or make it an office table.There are 3 sets of lights. One is at the entrance. Then the middle which is the fridge and table. Lastly is the bed area. For the bed area there are two kinds of lighting optionsLike that is not too bright to the eyes. If you just wake upBright light if you are looking at books and papers etc.It’s on the 28th floor has a nice view outside. Also issue with high rise you have to wait for the lift.There is swimming pool and gym at the 7th floor