Gyu jin shabushabu & sukiyaki resturant @ wisma (31-12-18)

There are 3 different sets. One is the standard. Second is Australian wagyu and guu-jin course which is the japanese first class wagyu. You have 60 mins to eat.

The sides are pretty limited.

Drinks are not free you have to pay for them.

we ordered the australian wagyu set. They upgraded the normal pork to the kurobuta.

do remember to remind them which course you are eating. They might serve you us beef standard course even if you are on Australian wagyu.

The Australian wagyu tastes a little different from the other meat I have eaten. It seems to have that little extra strong taste of the beef while it seems tougher than other beef i have eaten.

The beef also seems darker than the usual hotpot beef i have been eating before.

The kurobuta (black pig) is actually very tender and quite nice.

The fish minced and steamed is quite special. Also the texture feels like marshmallow. Also more flavourful. Is it a little saltish though?

Overall 3/4

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