Grab vs uber singapore (16-06-17)

Was going to the airport today so was checking grab and uber to see which was the higher rates. I think sometimes grab is cheaper and sometimes uber is cheaper. Last time i think it was around 11pm my friend was calling uber frim bukit timah to tiong baru and it was cheaper to use uber. Frankly i like grab more because i think there are additional charges when using uber. This time i was trying again and i was loggining into uber app which was a pain. So I first I tried using phone number to login but maybe I didnt have or password wasn’t right. Then to recover password they asked me for my email and it said it was associated with my phone number. After I click sign in using social account I created my account and was able to sign in finally. Maybe the account was just recently inplemented. Grab for me was painless. 

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