Got a new iphone 8 plus 256gb (31-03-18)

My old phone got into the water. Went to a repair shop. Have to wait. They asked me if I had tried to on it after it got into water. Something which I did but was not suppose to.

Then after that I used samsung galaxy s7 but since most of my stuff like contacts and whatsapp and info was all on icloud I had problems. Normal phone was fine. But my sms was missing and my contacts was half there. Also some apps contained my data was also on icloud so I could not switch over. So samsung galaxy s7 became my temp phone. Some of the games I could not play as they made android and iphone onto different servers so even if you tried to login to your facebook account on an android instead of iphone you will be having a different character. One such game seems to be metal slug online. Also when I was using my samsung galaxy s7 I found it was slow to play my skull girls. Also it was lagging when I was playing with final fantasy awakening.