Flexibility and Ease Of Use

I have been lucky to be involved in funding and development of several projects. Bigger projects like infinilogy, Schoolwerkz. Smaller projects like Dabaouncle, Mayson Ordering System. I constantly hear about developing a one size fits all system like an inventory system that fits everyone of the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software out there. For those that don’t know i will spell it out there. Because the data structures of different software systems are different and you will need to build a different connector for each and every ERP system out there. I don’t do coding but I have seen a lot of projects of mine go into overtime. Take Schoolwerkz for starters, at first I was giving the project half a year to finish. My partner was thinking that it could take 2 months. It was near completion only like after 9 months of development. Just a few days ago i and my partner met up with a tuition centre teacher and we were having a discussion about how to make improvements to Schoolwerkz. Then yesterday when i started penning down the ideas I went into many implications. I had to consider a lot of what ifs and make some assumption into the system I was going to make. I had to set rules and by setting the rules it just became less flexible. If you want it to be easy then some compromise needs to made.

Food for thought:

If you want flexible, excel, programming or a blank sheet of paper they are all very flexible. Let your imagination bring u where you need to be.

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