Fixing up prolink PIC1006WN-HD, Wireless-N IP Camera with Dual Lens (08-07-15)

Today went down to a client’s place because the password of the camera was forgotten. Resetted the camera and gone the wrong way doing up the camera because I kept looking at the wired way of connecting the Prolink PIC1006WN-HD IP camera. There are like 3 ways to link up the camera.

1. The wired way

The wired way is pretty straightforward also solves a restrictions you might. It involves connecting network cables to your ip cameras. Then scanning the cards provided with the packaging

2. The wireless way using your phone

The wireless way using your phone, you download the mlivepro mobile app to your phone. Connect to the phone to wifi you will be connecting with the camera with. Open the mlivepro mobile app. Go to wifi setup. It has instructions on how to setup the device. Press next. Key in the wifi password and press ok. It will give you a QR Code that you have to bring close to the ip camera. Now go to the ip camera. Press the WPS button. It should be blinking a different colour. Hold your phone with the QR code close to the ip camera. Maybe you want to hold your phone in a horizontal position so the ip camera can actually detect the QR code. When it detects it will give out a beep sound. Then a screen will pop up on your phone to ask you to name the camera. Name the camera and it should be added to the mlivepro app.

3. The wireless way using wps

It involves pressing the wps on your router and the ip camera. I haven’t gone through this step.

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