Final fantasy awakening memory fracture (14-01-19)

First. Use melee because it is easier to dodge

Just killing 40 mobs.

pvp duel.

for this i usually go with either jack (special skill leeches) or emperor-general (has long range missile turrets). What is tricky is his minions which freezes and paralyses u.

enemy chasing. Rem is pretty good in this round. I think deuce is also good because she has crowd control. Which stuns the enemy and allow you to attack it. Claes is also good because she has a skill that has chance to stun enemy after crit.

pvp duel

actually melee is good against this kind of enemy. Because you can roll away from attacks. Crowd control is also good because gives you more time to attack

again kill 35 mobs.

pvp duel.

pvp duel. Has heal all melee atra. You can see i use my main melee. Deal damage faster kill them if not you’re dead because they can heal.

the crystal. Just hit it with all you have got. Gives you stuff when you reach certain damage at certain time unleashes a death wave then all your characters die. Repeat until all your characters are dead or there are no rewards left.