Epson connect, solution to another google drive account (30-06-18)

Recently have just been using epson connect. I am using the scan to web function. So you register via the epson printer and it will assign it a printer account and then it will print out the page, then u either scan the qr code or type the code manually into your pc. You continue to register or if you already have account you login. Then after that I went to the scan to web. I added a google drive account. The problem after that is. I was unable to switch to other google drive accounts. I can add new folders on that account but I was unable to link to new google drive accounts even if I added a new destination. Even after deleting the printer account on the printer and registering another printer account i still couldn’t change the google drive account on the user account. Yes. To solve the problem. I had to register a new printer account again. Because the activation code only work once. Then create a new user account. The new user account allowed me to use another google drive account .