Effects of drinking kangen water (21-11-18)

If you have come here for absolute scientific and medical evidence and guarantee of any results or any guarantee that no harm will come to you. You have come go the wrong place turn back. There is no guarantee of any kind of results or if any harm indirect or directly come from sharing my experience with you.

So recently I have been thinking of experimenting with drinking alot of kangen water. Because in order to make your body alkaline you need to drink a lot of alkaline water. So for the whole day I have been drinking as much alkaline water as I can. Maybe up to 7 litres of kangen alkaline water. So far I did feel a little giddy. Also seems like the gas is coming up to my throat. But it seems that it has helped my shoulders quite abit as they don’t feel that tense as before. Also one of my arms which I don’t feel so much strain. One of the side effects is that I am running toilet to pee a lot due to drinking too much water. Also I ran toilet to poop quite a few times as well.