Does germanium work? / sunshine health mart germanium seat (15-12-18)

This is something I bought from Jurong point sunshine health mart. I am somewhat aware of the bad ratings they have on Facebook.

I will say first there is no warranty of any kind this is my opinion and my experience. If you want scientific prove there is none there. and should you buy and some harm indirect or direct cause by viewing my opinion and experience on this I am not liable. You take charge of your own life and decisions.

This is something that I had for ages. Was put in a plastic bag but I decided to bring it out to use again. Its suppose to be a seat but I lie on it because I can’t find my bed version. The first night I lied on it feels what to be my blood circulating around my body. It also seems to allow me to sleep which previously I had insomnia. What I like about this is that the material is pretty durable and it doesn’t get torn up that easily I have plenty of other things that get worn up pretty quickly and starts peeling off.

The theory of what it does seems to be it takes out the positive ions in our body. At least that is what I seem to read online.

I ordered germanium braclets from Lazada and will post if I get new information.

Also I am aware there seems to be some poisoning cases of germanium but that seems to be ingested germanium not wearing germanium.

I am also aware that there seems to be no scientific evidence backing my claim I am just stating what my experience feels like which I could be wrong. But this is the way I choose to live.