Customer service(23-may-15)

What is customer service and why is customer service so important. I have thought long and hard about this. I have many of good and bad expriences and as a provider myself i have to juggle between profits and pleasing the customer. Few days back i had a horrible exprience and just yesterday i had a pleasant one. The pleasant one i got was actually from singtel. My cousin apparently lost his sim card so he called singtel for a replacement. So after we got the replacement the mobile didnt work went plugged into the phone. So he called singtel again. The customer support spent all the time to answer his questions even proposed adding apn and went through the solution with him. Still it didnt work. After a while the line got cut. At that time i expected the customer support wont call back. For me its probably the same wait for the caller to call back. But after a while the customer support called back. He had elevated our case to another technician who went through the setup again and it finally worked. I am impressed with their service. Now to the bad exprience. I was like passingby a shop and was thinking of going in. But the shop attendent see i was playing with my phone said that if u are playing with the phone then dont come in. I was pissed off and of course i didnt go in.

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