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Problems with Infinilogy 5

So now when we recall back. We still cannot find out what cause the problem even though we found the solution. Let me explain why. 1) We didn’t implement this fix in the past but it continue to work anyway why now but there are some possibilities. 1) There are some tweaks in the browser […]

Problem with infinilogy 4

We just spent the past few days fixing up the Infinilogy software. It was very hectic and the users were complaining. We had totally no clue how to solve it. That was until one of my software support told me about it. So today I spent a bit of my time going through a few […]

Problem with infinilogy

This weird problem popped up again. I checked the logs. It seems that only if the problem pops up the logs start having errors. If not there are no errors. But to the nature of the problem is still unknown. After all. It works after some time by restarting the po generator. But while in […]