Bubble tea partea review – waterway point (20-10-18)

Went to rivervale mall at sengkang and there was only each a cup then i didnt want to drink each a cup so I got to waterway point. B2 of waterway point had liho but didnt really feel like drinking liho also. So I walked around and finally I found a spot with another 3 bubble tea stores. Which is at b1 between east wing and west wing.

Koi express, partea and ilovetaimei. Well koi is common and I tried ilovetaimei before so I decided to try out partea. I tried the milky mist tea – signature milk tea (large) at 3.70. I guess I like the thicker milky version of milk tea then when the taste is too blend or the taste of the tea is too strong. So if u have the same taste as I do. Why not give it a try