AverMedia ExtremeCap 910 Review


Setup of ExtremeCap 910 for training today. Using the 32gb SD Card that comes with Avermedia ExtremeCap 910. Recording using VGA. It is working fine. We did find out that there is a limit of time that the recording will go on after awhile the recording will go off and you will need to press on the record button again.


Recently have training sessions so we have been using ExtremeCap 910 to do recording of screen and conversations we have been having. Since I have brought the SD Card out to transfer files I have not remembered to bring the original SD Card back. I have some extra SD Cards.I put the SD Card into the ExtremeCap 910 but it was blinking VGA, recording and also HDMI. Which was indicating there was an error. I went to format it on windows but I could only format it on exFAT which also didn’t work.

I followed their steps and downloaded and installed the SDFormatter. After that I found that it doesn’t support exFAT and you would need to format to FAT32 (I suppose this is also the limit of the file size). Then after that you need to go and install

Download GUI Format here: http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/guiformat.exe .

After formatting it into FAT32 and putting it in AverMedia ExtremeCap 910 I could do recording.

Also I found out after installing


The utility. I also needed to connect the mini usb to ExtremeCap 910. When I was connecting the screen of the projector would go off, then it would turn on again. Then I was able to configure it. You are able to configure up to 720p. Then You can set how sensitive the mic is. There are 3 levels. One is like around 5 users. Second is around 15 users. Third is around 40 users.


Somehow the device is acting weird. There is still disk space in the device but it stops recording after awhile. It seems like restarting the device was the solution to solving the problem