Authentic tea house da hong pao oolong tea and no sugar drinks health promotion board (07-11-18)

Thought to be more healthy and started drinking the no sugar variation of drinks around. Its not tasty but I find we have too much sugar in our lives and it is unfortunate that we have to cut back abit which reduces alot of the taste we actually like. So i came aceoaa the authentic tea house da hong pao oolong tea. The usual one I drink is the pokka oolong tea.

Basically the ingredients of authenticate tea house da hong bao oolong tea.

After drinking my friend says it doesn’t taste as bitter as the pokka oolong tea. I think oolong is a great tea to use if you are trying to refresh your taste if you taking something too sweet like maybe sweets and ice cream.

Health promotion board also doing some promo on no sugar drinks as well.

The whole no sugar section