An unlucky day for my iPhone 4s(Fixed vs Removable Battery)

Sometime back, I don’t know if you call it dumb or just pure forgetfulness. I went into the ocean with my iPhone 4s into the ocean. I admit that it wasn’t the first time i have done something like that but that day it was an unlucky day for my iPhone 4s. By the time i took my iPhone out of my wet pocket. It was making a weird noise and the screen was flickering on and off. I held my thumb on the off button and tried to switch it off for numerous times but was unsuccessful. So this post goes as my tribute to my fallen iPhone 4s and a thought if that day if i could have took out the battery immediately could i have saved my iPhone. So here are my thoughts about fixed vs removable battery.


Fixed battery

-Probably a better design in sealing the device(probably good in waterproofing the device)



-Able to remove the battery in case

-Able to change battery if the battery is flat

-Able to change battery if battery is bloated/Spoilt

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