Active hydrogen water bottle (22-01-19)

Bought this a while back. Opened today.

Bubble wrapped

The box seems poor done.

You might have to be careful. As u can hear the sound its probably made of glass.

Red is charging mode

Green is fully charged

(27-01-19) update

So it was leaking from the bottom and i left a feedback on aliexpress. And I found out another thing

Its actually separate able. Because it is seperateable you have to screw it well if not water leaks

Press the button to start. It will actually automatically stop but well i didn’t want to video so long.

Overall item seems to work fine even though the packaging is like crap.

(14-02-19 update)

Poured cold water in and also in cold air con room. The hydrogen water bottle seems to not work well. Very little bubbles but if u take out in normal room temperature it seems to work alright.

Reply from the seller

Also you can use a small amount of vinegar to clean the cup.

“Also the white ball prevents the electrode sheet from oxidizing by continuously rolling, but it seems that the effect is not very good.”

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