A curious incident with my laptop bag

Yesterday was one of those days when you have to bring your car in for your usual inspection checks due to the wear and tear and you had to get it fixed. So i sent my car to the garage and took the train to my office. As i was about to leave the office. It started raining heavily. It was a good thing that my colleague borrowed me an umbrella. It was those small and petite umbrellas. Then after i and my other colleague headed to the bus interchange. I sling my laptop bag over my shoulders and headed off into the rain with my small little umbrella. As you know the laptop bag would hang over the waist area. On the way i can’t help but notice that the umbrella couldn’t shelter the bag from the rain. By the time i reached the bus interchange my pants were wet and the bag was not spared either. I unzipped the bag and check the contents of my bag it seems to be fine and it’s this exact laptop that i am writing this post with. Thanks for the people who came up with the ingenious design of weatherproofing the bag.

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