Archive | June, 2019

Kim’s hokkien mee (28-06-19)

The hokkien mee to me was normal. There was the egg fragrance and stuff and the prawns was alright. Seems a little over cooked but still seems better than most hokkien mee out there Handmade prawn roll. Unique. More crispy. Salted tea chicken. The fragrance of the chicken is there. Quite unique as my friend […]

Idaten udon (29-06-19)

The udon is fine. Is it a little softer than the rest? The japanese potato curry is also ok. Slightly spicy? The meat is well seasoned and tasty. In sukiyaki sauce? Sweet. Corn cuttle fish ball? Raddish? Saltish base soup as usual? Cuttlefish ball again? Sweet? Egg.