Archive | March, 2016

Changing of battery for G750 (25-03-16)

Just changed the battery for my G750 Asus ROC Laptop. Had to change the battery because the battery indicator was blinking orange and green. So I assumed that the battery is spoilt. The battery just arrived from china. Abit dents there and there and it wasn’t that cheap, it’s near to a 100 dollars. Went […]

Server hardware upgrading (24-03-16)

Upgrading a client’s server today. Added 6 pieces of 8 gig kingston ram to the server and also changed 2 of the existing WD Black to Sandisk 1 TB (960gb). Used shadow protect to do data migration of the database drive. Then needed to installed the recovery environment again which makes you go to the […]

My thoughts on locky ransomware (22-03-16)

It address an age old problem power of user, ease of use and security. Let me explain. There are situations when in the office when the office users ask why they cannot install this why they cannot install that, there are times that programmers seem to made their application require administrator on the system in order […]