Archive | November, 2015

brother printer paper jam (26-11-15)

Got a call from a customer about the paper jam in the brother printer. Look at the back of the machine open the lid and checked nothing to clean up. open the front of the machine nothing is there. On the machine and it was still showing some error. Checked the error out and it […]

ibizcs customer appreciation day at microsoft (18-11-15)

Again its another day about the different new products microsoft is pushing out. The road map of navision. Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They talk about their new features but usually these are for customers who have no customized much/the new features overlap the customized features. Usually if the software features you have customized are pretty unique. […]

resurrecting my n4100pro (13-11-15)

My n4100pro dieded quite sometime ago. So I went online and bought a power supply in attempt to revive my n4100pro. Then I went for a vacation. So when I got back I had a mysterious parcel waiting for me. Then I thought I didn’t buy anything. When I opened it I realised it was […]

Overheating car (13-11-15)

Was driving my mum’s car because my own car has died since I went on vacation had to call to get the battery replaced. So when I drove over to the office and then to the mall it was showing the engine was overheating. We parked at the mall and had dinner and then came […]