Archive | July, 2015

shortcut url non default browser(31-07-15)

Just had a request from my customer that their staff wanted a shortcut which would open goalmanager/infinilogy but their default browser was already something else. Went to search around the internet found a few leads had to try and test out and this was what I have found. Right click your browser shortcut. Like firefox […]

The hunt for music (30-07-15)

Many a times we come across music that we can’t make out and therefore we need an app to find this song for us. I think it’s pretty easy to find songs for the english audience but for other languages like chinese  or japanese or korean we can’t really find an app that will find […]

over spec (25-07-15)

Just went to sim lim and ask the shop to build a new PC for a POS system. The shop was telling me a celeron and like 4 gigs of ram will do. But I went ahead with an i5 and 16 gigs of ram with a 256 gig SSD. Then recently the shop had […]

Making a new passport (30-07-15)

Just last week, I went to make a new passport. I went down to lavender ICA to submit a form. They told me it took around a week for the passport to be ready. So one week passed. I haven’t got an sms and email. I tried to find my email for passport and ICA […]

network problems (30-07-15)

I found that yesterday I couldn’t access my company’s website I thought it was down.  After half an hour I tried again. I still couldn’t access. But I found it was weird that the pc and the android couldn’t access but the iphone could. I remoted to another pc with another network with a different […]

(30-07-15) Car keys

Had a few incidents with car keys. Replaced a mercedes benz car keys batterys and also BMW car keys which is way more troublesome. Its like they glued the two cases and soldiered the battery to the battery connector slots. Replacing the battery yourself works just that you have to be more careful compared to […]