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open mesh Decryption Key Invalid error Decryption Key Invalid error Ryan Detwiller October 15, 2014 00:38 You’ll receive this error if there’s a key synchronization problem preventing a node from properly retrieving its configuration. You can fix this by pressing the “update network settings” button in CloudTrax under Edit Network. This will send a new key which should clear the error message within two check-ins.

Tipping and donations for appreciation

I am indebted to many acts of good will of others. Things like wikipedia. Faststone(image viewer). Open office. Good service. When i was in thailand. I tipped the cabs that went on meter. I think this is an encouragement. Often my kiasu mindset takes over and even though i am grateful i dont tip them […]

Creating wireless@SG singtel number

Some introductions about wireless@SG. It is a free wifi hotspot that you can find in many places. MRT. Fast food restaurants (KFC, Macdonalds, etc). It is helpful if you have a low data cap and it’s free why not use it. Oh I forgot to mention that on singtel website there is an option to […]

The present state of economy (09-May-15)

I find that particularly the economy hasn’t been doing very good for the past few years. A lot of news about the tight labour market. More demanding employees. More competition. Customers considering a lot more. Deals getting more difficult to close. Customer haggling prices. Customers taking a ridiculously long time to pay up even though […]